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Wall Papering

Decorating your home with wallpaper is an exciting way to achieve a wide array of looks: from the charm of country to the drama of contemporary to the warmth of traditional.

At Australia Wide Painters our professional wallpaper hangers can install any type of wallpapers, from standard wallpapers to Swede and a variety of fabrics.

For every project we pay attention to a detailed preparation before we hang the wallpaper because we believe that a beautiful finish begins with proper preparation.

Achieving professional-looking result starts with the right wallpaper and tools.
If the surface was painted previously, we check to determine whether the paint contains lead. Lead may be harmful. We do not remove or sand paint without lead paint testing and safety precautions.

New walls: must be thoroughly cured, dry and primed.
Previously painted walls: Fill cracks or holes with patching paste, then sand smooth. Spot-prime the patches and prime all walls to be papered with Australia Wide Painters PreWallcovering Primer.
Walls with old wallpaper: Remove, patch, sand and clean. Be sure the old adhesive is gone and the walls are completely dry. Prime walls with appropriate Sealer/ Primer.
Prepare the room: Paint ceiling, windows, doors and trim, if needed. Paint 1-inch onto walls to avoid any gaps between the paint and wallpaper.
Our Personnel are fully licensed for all the tasks we undertake. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards.
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