Residential Painting Services

Australia Wide Painters provides outstanding residential painting services which includes both exterior and interior painting with utmost quality assurance. We understand the value of your property and thus we always strive to offer you something innovative and cost effective solution. We try our level best to give the best in quality home painting service in Sydney through our experienced team, latest equipment and premium quality raw materials. So, if you are looking for a quality and durable solution to your painting requirements, our residential painters in Sydney are always here to help you.

With years of experience and expertise on different types of comprehensive house painting projects in Sydney, we can provide you a hassle-free, quick and safe apartment painting service. Our painting crews will take care of your property and you can expect that you will get a totally new looking home with fresh and attractive colours without any damage on any other part. We take immense care while before and during any painting service and keep the area clean using custom plans as per requirement.

Our Sydney house painters team is professionally trained and well experienced in handling various types of based projects and thus you never have to worry about our expertise. All our Sydney residential painters are licensed and fully insured to work on any project and thus you would not have to search for find me a home painter for any painting requirement.

How do we do it?
  • Planning
  • Choosing the Right Paint
  • Matching Paint to Surfaces
  • Selecting a Finish
  • Choosing the Right Brush
  • Choosing the Right Roller Cover
  • Choosing a Ladder
  • The Key to great results

Our residential painters in Sydney pay special attention to preparing the surface as it ensures the best result, no matter how high quality paint or latest equipment you use. We use sealers and primers as per requirement and remove earlier paints to make it suitable for creating a perfect bonding between the paint and the surface which not only make it look shiny but also ensure a high durability. We also spend enough time on preparing the room before starting any house painting in Sydney so that you do not have to bother about spilling and droplets of paint. Here is an overview of the procedure we generally follow:


  • Remove draperies, pictures, mirrors, area rugs, hardware (if possible), and switch and receptacle cover plates
  • Move all furniture to the centre of the room or the room, if possible. Cover all furniture with drop clothes
  • Tape off woodwork and tape down plastic drop cloths
  • Wrap plastic around light fixtures, and use masking tape to cover any hardware you can't remove
  • Open a window or door to ensure good ventilation
  • Clean the surface as needed
  • Gaps between walls, ceilings, crown mouldings and other interior trim can be filled with the appropriate Pre select caulk after priming the surface
Getting Ready to Paint

We are known for our friendly behaviour with our clients where we always give the client's idea, plan and taste the first preference. So, whenever we take on a new project, we consult with our client regarding their colour choice and provide them a full colour sample to choose from. We prepare, prime (if necessary) and paint an inconspicuous spot. Our residential painters in Sydney give every task the required time to dry as per the paint provider's instruction to ensure it gives you the best result. Even if it requires any extra work, or there is any spot on the surface, we consult with our project manager and take necessary steps. So, in brief, you won't ever get a chance to point out our work, once we declare it as 'done'.

Before we paint, our Sydney based residential painters use a paint scraper, wire brush, sandpaper or power washer to remove all surface contamination, such as oil, grease, loose paint, dirt, foreign matter, rust, mould, mildew or mortar efflorescence. Make sure that cracks and imperfections are patched or caulked.

Warning! Removal of old paint by sanding, scraping or other means may generate dust or fumes that contain lead. Exposure to lead dust or fumes may cause brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially in children or pregnant women. Controlling exposure to lead or other hazardous substances requires the use of proper protective equipment, such as a properly fitted approved respirator and proper containment and cleanup.

residential painting services


When using oil-based coatings, we keep paint away from heat, sparks and open flame. We do not smoke on the job site. We extinguish all flames, pilot lights and heaters. We turn off stoves, electrical tools, appliances and any other sources of electrical ignition. While painting and until all vapours are gone, we keep the area well-ventilated.

Protect Your Paint Job

Wait at least two weeks before washing the newly painted surface. After that, clean with a mild household detergent and a soft cloth or sponge.

Tips to Protect the Environment

We buy only the amount of paint you need so there is little to dispose of when we complete your project. If we do have leftovers, we follow these guidelines:

  • Save small amounts of leftover paint for future touch-ups. To keep it fresh, place a layer of plastic wrap over the mouth of the can before replacing the lid. Pound down the lid securely.
  • We Check with your local waste collector to see if it accepts dried latex paint. If so, place the open can in an airy spot away from children and pets. When the paint is completely dry, put it in the trash.
  • We seal oil/alkyd paints in the can and store them safely away from heat sources until you can take them to an appropriate waste-disposal site, such as community paint/stain collection events where you can safely dispose of leftover paints.
  • We never pour paint, stain, or any other coating down a drain, into a storm sewer or anywhere else that might contaminate the environment.
Cleaning Up

To get a great-looking finish coat and the beautiful, long-lasting results you expect, take the time to ensure that the surface to be painted is clean, dry and smooth and coated with the correct primer.
We clean any spills before they dry with a paper towel dampened with mineral spirits or paint thinner. To get a great-looking finish coat and the beautiful, long-lasting results you expect, our Sydney based residential painters make sure to properly apply primer to the surfaces we plan to paint. The primers/sealers we use, are formulated to solve typical painting problems while helping to make our finish coat smooth and uniform:


  • Achieve a smooth, professional finish
  • Block stains, marks and odours
  • Assure adhesion
  • Speed top coating
  • Prevent peeling
  • Attain the truest paint color in the fewest coats
  • Improve touch-up performance of the topcoat

In general, the only time a primer is not needed is if you're re-painting a surface that's in good condition. Your pacific painters paint expert can provide additional advice about selecting and applying the right primer/sealer for your project. Painting

Environmentally conscious:

At Australia Wide Painters our painters are committed to adopting practices that are approved and friendly to our environment including:

  • Compliance with environmental legislation;
  • Compliance with air and noise quality guidelines;
  • Adopting friendly waste management practices;
  • Safe and responsible clean up of brushes and paint equipment;
  • The use of environmentally friendly paint products with low odour formulation.

Safety Standards

Australia Wide Painters Employees and subcontractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. We use a range of Elevated Work platforms and access equipments.
Our Personnel are fully licensed for all the tasks we undertake. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards.

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