Followings are the typical questions at pacific painters we receive.

Q. What Type of Payment do you accept?
A: . We accept, Cheques, Cash, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Major Credit Cards.

Q. Do you require a deposit?
A: After we start work we may ask for a deposit and that is negotiable with our customer.

Q. Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes, you can pay by credit card online from the payments section on our website.

Q. How do I know when you will be starting our work?
A: After you accepting our price and we have entered in to a contract, we will discuss the starting date with you and enter that date in the contract. If there is any unforeseen hold ups from either side we will notify you for a new start date.

Q. Do I need to be home when you work in my property?
A: No, as long as we have access to your home you do not need to be home.

Q. Is it ok for my pet to be around while you are working in my property?
A: A. Yes, but we are not responsible for your pet.

Q. Do you still work when it is raining?
A: A. If it is indoor and does not affect our work.

Q. What are your payment terms, do I need to pay upfront?
A: You don’t pay upfront, but we will ask for a deposit after we start work, progress payment during the project and balance on completion.

Q. What is the best way to contact you?
A: We prefer to use e-mail because your message gets to us fast and we can respond quickly to you regarding any changes to your schedule or any special service instructions you may have.

Q. Are You A Registered Company?
A: Yes we are.

Q. Are You Registered With An Industry Body?
A: Yes, we are registered with Master Builders Association. Also, we are licensed by Department of Fair Trading.

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: . All of our prices are depend to the size and type of the work you require us to do. We must see the work first before we can give you a price. We do not supply price over the phone at all.

Q: Do your charges include materials?
A: Usually yes, depending type of the agreement we have with our customers.

Q: How long will I have to wait for you to give us a qoute?
A: We will let you know at the time of first contact.

Q: Are you an emergency service?
A: Yes, we do offer emergency electrical & plumbing services and general emergency Painters maintenance andrepairs.

Q: How do I book a job with Australia Wide Painters?
A: You can contact us on 0417 417 400, or send us an email.

Q: What hours do you work?
A: 07:00 am - 18:00 pm Monday to Friday and 07:00 am – 13.00 pm on Saturdays. But you can leave us a message at any other times and we get back to you ASAP. We work after hours with prior arrangement.

Q: What size of job do you deal with?
A: We deal with any size job from the smallest of minor jobs to major renovations and works.

Q: Do you carry out work in offices and commercial premises & Industrial premises?
A: YES! we carry out work in Industrial premises, commercial premises, domestic premises, offices or an institutional environment. Contact us for your needs.
Of course yes! Regular maintenance is the best key to prevention, snagging and defect repairs. Contact us for more information on setting up a contract regarding planned maintenance on 0113 279 7101.uk.
I'm a business can Property Maintenance Group invoice us.

Q. How do I get a subscription?
A: We can’t support subscriptions since we are in the process of New design for our news letter.

Q: How can I add my name to a mailing list?
A: . click on the “contact us” form and drop us a note with your Details and we will add you to the mailing list.

Q. How can I clean stains/paint on concrete?
A:There are some really good products you can purchase... strong thinners/solvents, paint strippers

Q. What gets rid of the smell of paints/stains in a room that has just been painted/stained?
A: The room must be well-ventilated until the paint/stain is completely dry. Depending on the humidity... heaters/blowers can help.

Q: Where can I find ideas on special paint finishes?
A: We do most of the special paint finishes, but you could also Under Decorative paint finishes in the web.

Q. Could I strip latex wall paint from Formica cabinets?
A: Latex paints are water-based, you may be able to scrape it off with a sharp scraper, if it is not stock very hard to the Formica, you may damage the surface.

Q. Why should household paint be lead free?
A: Lead base paints are a serious health hazard. It can cause serious sickness and health problems, (kidney failure, pulmonary, cardiac disease, brain...

Q. What kind of paint should I use on an in ground pool?
A: There are a broad range of pool paint, you could use, see your local paint shop or pool paint suppliers.

Q. Is there a special type of paint for pools?
A: I think a waterproof pool paint/UV resistance would be a good idea.

Q. How would I paint a horizontal stripe my bedroom?
A: If you want to paint your bedroom cream with deep brown stripes for instance, first paint the walls cream and then you can use low adhesive making tapes (which does not take the paint off while you removing it) and paint the stripes ....

Q. How would I paint a horizontal stripe my bedroom?

A: Depending type of the furniture, there are a variety of paint you could use, best see your local paint shop

Q. How do I remove dried latex paint from clothing?
A:Depending the material, some latex paint wash off but not 100%.

Q. What type of paint can I use on a plastic bird bath?
A: See your local paint shop, there some spray cans you could use.

Q. How do I get paint out of my carpet?
A: If that is a small spot, you can cut it out if it is only on top of the carpet. Also, there are some paint removers, see your local paint shop...

Q. Where can I find a pattern for painting a tree on an interior wall?
A: Try hobby stores for supplies and look around online.

Q. How can I mix paints to create my own custom colors?
A: Depending on what color you want. Generally speaking, needs a bit of practice....

Q. How do I get water-based paint out of upholstery?
A: Depending to the type of upholstery, sometime you could remove most of the paint, see your local hardware store.

Q. How do I paint over epoxy paint in a garage?
A: Depending the age and type of the epoxy, you may need special primer and paint for recoating.

Q. How much does it cost to paint exterior of an average house?
A: Depends to a lot of factors, such as surface preparation, colors, heights, etc. Your painter must have a look at your house and give you and estimate.
Q. Can use a latex brush for enamel paints?

A: Yes, depending on type and quality of the brush.

Q. How do I correctly apply wood stains?
A:I would start with a fine haired brush and also you could use a soft rag.

Q. How can I remove oil-based paint from my skin?
A: Depending if is wet paint you may use special hand cleaners or methylates and if the paint is dried, you may rob it off in the shower.

Q. What is varnish?
A: It's a clear liquid which is painted onto wood to protect, beautify and show the wood works natural look and graining.

Q. How do I pickle a wooden floor?
A: The stain or paint is rubbed into the pores of the wood and then let dry completely.

Q. How do I remove dried paint off my brushes?
A: In most cases, you cannot remove the dried paint off the brushes, but if you like to try, you may buy a type of solvent that you could put your paint brush in for a day or so to loosen the dried paint and wash the brush.

Q. How do I remove Water based paint off wood?
A: By the way of mechanical/electrical sanding.

Q. How do I get water based paint out of fabric?
A: You may get it off before it dries, you can use water and scrub it out. Then try a stain remover you could buy from your local hardware store.

Q. What type of paint should I use on my bathroom walls?
A:Use premium gloss or semi-gloss paint, Water based or oil based.